Lexington, Kentucky Ska!

What's in Your Head? 


Check out the video our friend, Chuck Johnson, captured at our last show. A special duet, featuring Abby Helton, from Jocky Onassis! Wowza! That's a lot of names!

Gearing Up For Summer  

After a delicious serving of shows this past month, with our EP release at Cosmic Charlie's, a throw down with friends new and old at the Green Lantern, and the amazing showcase for Al's Bar's 10th anniversary, we are ready for more! 

We have a great many summer events in the works, so keep them peepers peeping. We also have MORE new music in the works!

See you all out on those sticky, sweaty, skankin' grounds!

New Music! 

Hey dudes! Check out our latest release of music, An Army of My Own four track EP! It's hanging out to the right. ---->

Stream it or download it and take it on the go! 

Coming Soon! 

Hey Ruffians! 

We we have several show announcements coming out this week, so stay tuned for those. Also, our recording is done on a brand new EP that we will soon offer digitally! It shouldn't be long now before it is all mixed and ready to go. Plus, we have a couple of other tricks up our sleeves. See you soon!

Welcome to the Future 

Hey everybody!

We're back at it after a slow holiday season, and we've got a lot of exciting things in the works. First of all, you should check us out at Best Friend Bar on Friday, January 20th with some other great locals that are new to the scene. It's going to be a killer show.

Some other things to look forward to are new songs (both live and recorded), the return of some of our very talented "friend bands" that we have hosted in the past, and some more of our personal brand of silly antics. So, stay tuned!

See you all out on the skankin' grounds!

Hey you! What's new? 

Hey everybody!  Just dropping by to let all of you lovely folks know what is going on in the world of the Rough Customers!  We're getting ready to head into the studio to lay down some new tracks!  We may tease you with some of it, but we're hoping that in 2017 you'll have a new Rough Customer album to dance to all night long!  As always, we thank you for your continued support! 


Welcome to the Jungle! 

We would like to officially announce the addition of Denver Pascua on Trumpet and Taylor Brandenburg on Tuba/Sousaphone (and whatever else is needed) to the Rough Customer Family!  We're super excited to not only fill out our horn section with the missing trumpet, but also add depth with the Sousaphone.  Welcome guys, and here's to many years of music!

Big Thanks and Some Reflection! 

An incredible weekend is in the books! Last Friday was an absolute blast at Cirque De Virgo! Then, lthis past Sunday night at Al's was off the hook! A big thanks to The Duppies and Last of the Dodo for having us on the skank filled bill! 

What's up next for your fine feathered finks? We'll have some more shows closer to Halloween and if you have ever seen us, you know you'll not want to miss those. There'll be some shenanigans for sure! We'll also be getting in the studio soon to lay down some of our newer stuff and continue writing more of the world's greatest music. 

We also want to give a shout out to Taylor Brandenburg and Denver Pascua! They were thrown into the madness and have worked their butts off to learn our music in a VERY short time! Good job guys! Oh yeah, if you haven't seen us in awhile Denver is blowing the trumpet for us and Taylor is blasting the Sousaphone on some songs! 

We're coming up (or have already reached) 9 years as a band! That blows our collective minds! Like a lot of bands with many members, we've went through a few changes over the years. However, each person who has ever called themselves a "Rough Customer" has left their mark with us and we are still influenced by them every time we pick up our instruments. We want to thank you, the fans, for welcoming each and every new member with warmth and enthusiasm! Just know that the people you are watching and listening to are going to give you everything they have to entertain you while on stage! You are the reason we do this! 

As always, check us out on here, Twitter, and Facebook for all of the latest and greatest from Lexington's #1 ska band!

The End of Summer 

The end of Summer is upon us and we plan to wrap it up in tortillas. I mean style. We're going to wrap it up in style! Or, tortillas.

Whatever way we wrap it up, it starts this Friday, the 16th. At what is possibly the final festival of the season, Cirque De Virgo, we will be part of the first night kick off with a solid hour of high energy, in your face, ska. Then, on Sunday the 18th, we will be wearing out the stage at Al's Bar with Last of the Dodo and The Duppies. It's going to be a night of ska from every end of the ska spectrum!

After all that, things calm down a bit on our end as we buckle down to get some new material written. So, come out and dance with us, give us hugs, and tell us what inspires you so we can write songs about it!

Word to your mother!

Fun Times Ahead! 

We've got a big weekend coming up in mid September and we are beyond excited to get back on the stage!

For Cirque De Virgo 2016, we kick things off right at 9pm on opening night,  Friday, September 16th! And, then as an unofficial after party back here in Lexington, we will be tearing the roof off of Al's Bar yet again on Sunday the 18th with Last of the Dodo and The Duppies, from Florida!