New Album and Merch!

It is official! The new album is out!

Purchase downloads from our Music page and stream it for free on Spotify, Amazon Music, and more!

Purchase physical copies in our Store and snag a new t-shirt, tank top…

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Break in those new dancing shoes or polish up the old ones and throw your cutest mask in the wash. We'll see you Saturday. 


Good Things Are Coming...

It has been a long lonely year of isolation, but that is finally about to change. We are about to get back to practicing, which means live show announcements are soon to follow. The ground work is already being laid…

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86 45

This song was recorded back in March and was waiting for our upcoming LP that's been postponed due to Covid-19, but it felt wrong to sit on it while the world rightfully burns.

86 45 will be available…

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New Single Drops 12/20/2019

Do you think The Rough Customers have been slacking? Well, cut it out, because here comes proof that we have been hard at work behind closed doors. A brand new, never before heard by human ears, original song! A Rough…

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We're excited to announce that we'll be going into the studio to record our upcoming album in early September. Our next local show will be Southland's own Tahlsound Music Festival. We're so grateful to be invited to join so many…

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