1. The Calling

From the recording Ails, Fails and Fairytales

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She stepped out of my dreams
Before filled with violent screams
Essence of lilac on her skin
Thumbs shoved in her jeans

And I wish we could go back now
The calling won’t let me back down

Twirling fingers through her hair
Watching as she gasps for air
The warmth of her blood on my hands
And her eyes filling with despair

And I think of all the caresses I’ll miss
But for revenge, I’ll never dismiss

The long walks hand in hand
While she thought of another man

And I’ll sneak into your room
And have a peek inside
Just throw those blankets down, dear
You’ve got nothing to hide
You had it coming all along, you had it coming all along

Her eyes following me everywhere
Surrounded by a lifeless stare
Just when I was left in peace
Her aroma filled the air

And they were parallel in every way
And the calling just won’t go away

Fingernails that carve the floor
Weeping as they scream no more
Sweat dampening plastic sheets
Her eyes pierce through the gore

And I wish I could go back now
But the calling won’t let me back down


Lost it all and I will fall
Couldn’t stop the call and I will fall
And I will fall, I’ll fall