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New Single Drops 12/20/2019 

Do you think The Rough Customers have been slacking? Well, cut it out, because here comes proof that we have been hard at work behind closed doors. A brand new, never before heard by human ears, original song! A Rough Customers tribute to the 90's television icon, Dave Coulier!

Catch "Coulier Than You" as it drops on all streaming platforms on Friday, December 20th!  

Queue up in the digital line by following this link: Coulier Than You

2019 Is Picking Up! 

Screw January 1st, celebrate The Rough Customers New Year on February 7th at The Burl! We will have an early start for a night full of punk, ska, booze, and arcade madness. For our Louisville ruffians, come hang out with us at Mag Bar the following night where there will be - you guessed it - more punk and ska!

And, keep an eye on our show listings because we have some more exciting stuff in the works for Lexington and beyond!

Quietly Plotting 

We have been kind of quiet as of late, but don't worry yourselves. That's about to change. In this downtime during the holiday season we have been at work on some new tunes, new covers, and new shenanigans.

Be sure and catch us in early February as we take the stage at new venues; The Burl in Lexington and Mag Bar in Louisville! And, as we play with new amazing bands, as well as new versions of our old favorites!

A Fool's Endeavor 

Our new EP is officially released! We have the CDs on hand, the tracks for download on our Music page, and in the next few days it will be live on all the download and streaming platforms that you all know and love!

Plus! We now have physical copies of Re-Masters of the Tune-Verse for purchase at our shows and soon to be in our Store. So much excite!

A Little Studio Magic 

We holed up in our favorite studio (Sneak Attack) over the weekend, and laid down tracks for our upcoming album. Despite all of the dicking around with keyboards and theremins (evidence below) we got five whole songs done. And, holy guacamole, do they sound sweet! 

So, get ready for a soon-to-be single to hit the airwaves, Ruffians!

The Jig Is Up! The News Is Out! 

We finally found her! Our new singer, that is.

Earlier this week we finally revealed our new lead vocalist, Andrea Moffett. Not only does she have a great voice, and tons of past experience with other great bands, she's also oddly at ease around us bunch of doofuses! Doofi? Doofus pluralized!

Anyway, Andrea has been lurking in the shadows, getting up to speed and writing some amazing new material with us for the last couple of months. And, we couldn't be more excited for people to hear these new tunes. Which is why we have Andrea's debut performance lined up for December 17th, at The Green Lantern! Check out our shows section for all the details of the debut show, as well as a couple of other sweet upcoming gigs.

Can't wait to get back at it! See you crazy kids out there!


Happy Halloween, Ruffians! 

We're sad that we didn't get to celebrate our favorite holiday on-stage with silly costumes this year. But, fear not, ye fine ladies and fellows! Great things are just around the corner!

We have gathered all the right ingredients - slime, snails, and puppy dog tales (We would never maim a puppy!) - to brew up our own dastardly concoctions in order to appease your appetites for ska sustenance! <--- Like a collection of run-on-sentence tongue twisters! And, new music! And, new merch!

As always, keep them peepers peepin', because actual legitimate announcements are hiding in the shadows! 

Don't Get Too Comfy! 

We're a little behind, but here we go!

Big thanks to all the fans that made it out to our last few shows. Playing at Lynagh's for the first time was awesome and they were such a welcoming venue. (O'rounds 4 lyfe.) Our second year playing Cirque de Virgo was every bit as great as the first. Oh, and did we mention how awesome opening for The Toasters was?! We are so grateful to Last of the Dodo and The Green Lantern for having us out. Best night ever. We were all sore for a week.  

On a sadder note, our singer Alex sang with us for the last time at our show with The Toasters. She gave us two great years of performances, near and far. Not to mention contributing to the creation of some of our favorite material to date. She will certainly be missed!

But, don't you worry your pretty, little, two-tone-loving heads. The Rough Customers ain't done yet! We have been in the throes of auditioning some extremely talented singers over the last month. So stay tuned!

Looking forward to our next dance, Lexington! 

- Your friendly neighborhood ska band.

What's in Your Head? 


Check out the video our friend, Chuck Johnson, captured at our last show. A special duet, featuring Abby Helton, from Jocky Onassis! Wowza! That's a lot of names!

Gearing Up For Summer  

After a delicious serving of shows this past month, with our EP release at Cosmic Charlie's, a throw down with friends new and old at the Green Lantern, and the amazing showcase for Al's Bar's 10th anniversary, we are ready for more! 

We have a great many summer events in the works, so keep them peepers peeping. We also have MORE new music in the works!

See you all out on those sticky, sweaty, skankin' grounds!

New Music! 

Hey dudes! Check out our latest release of music, An Army of My Own four track EP! It's hanging out to the right. ---->

Stream it or download it and take it on the go! 

Coming Soon! 

Hey Ruffians! 

We we have several show announcements coming out this week, so stay tuned for those. Also, our recording is done on a brand new EP that we will soon offer digitally! It shouldn't be long now before it is all mixed and ready to go. Plus, we have a couple of other tricks up our sleeves. See you soon!

Welcome to the Future 

Hey everybody!

We're back at it after a slow holiday season, and we've got a lot of exciting things in the works. First of all, you should check us out at Best Friend Bar on Friday, January 20th with some other great locals that are new to the scene. It's going to be a killer show.

Some other things to look forward to are new songs (both live and recorded), the return of some of our very talented "friend bands" that we have hosted in the past, and some more of our personal brand of silly antics. So, stay tuned!

See you all out on the skankin' grounds!

The End of Summer 

The end of Summer is upon us and we plan to wrap it up in tortillas. I mean style. We're going to wrap it up in style! Or, tortillas.

Whatever way we wrap it up, it starts this Friday, the 16th. At what is possibly the final festival of the season, Cirque De Virgo, we will be part of the first night kick off with a solid hour of high energy, in your face, ska. Then, on Sunday the 18th, we will be wearing out the stage at Al's Bar with Last of the Dodo and The Duppies. It's going to be a night of ska from every end of the ska spectrum!

After all that, things calm down a bit on our end as we buckle down to get some new material written. So, come out and dance with us, give us hugs, and tell us what inspires you so we can write songs about it!

Word to your mother!

Fun Times Ahead! 

We've got a big weekend coming up in mid September and we are beyond excited to get back on the stage!

For Cirque De Virgo 2016, we kick things off right at 9pm on opening night,  Friday, September 16th! And, then as an unofficial after party back here in Lexington, we will be tearing the roof off of Al's Bar yet again on Sunday the 18th with Last of the Dodo and The Duppies, from Florida!


Take a look! 

Hey everyone!  We've added a few more pictures to our photo gallery, so you should go take a look!

Super Fun Ska Weekend Extravaganza! 

Hey there, Ruffians! 

Tomorrow night we kick off our three day trek to Columbus, Cincinnati, and, of course, back to Lexington for a grand adventure with our friends Soundtrack 96. Don't miss out on your chance to catch us all live. Who knows. We may even have a surprise or two in store.

See you out there!

New Tunes on the Way! 

Hey kids!

In addition to preparing for our return to the stage, we have been hard at work preparing for our return to the studio. We have a few new songs in the works now, and a slew of others in reserve, just waiting for our grimy hands to mold them into beautiful sound waves to satisfy your ear holes. So, stay tuned for future sneak peaks, lo-fi demos, and eventually, a new album!

See you all on May 14th!